On Facebook, Libyan Hacking Group Pledges Allegiance To ISIS, Calls On Groups, Individuals To Take Part In 'Electronic Resistance,' Hacks Libyan Government Website

January 13, 2021

On January 11, 2021, a Libyan jihadi Facebook group with over 1,300 followers released a statement announcing that it has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS) and called on other groups and individuals to take part in the "electronic resistance" for the sake of Allah. 

The group stressed that it has vowed fealty to ISIS to "follow the path of jihad for the sake of Allah and to defend Islam throughout the whole world, after [the group] has learned, became convinced, and placed its full trust in the objectives of the Islamic State." 

The statement further announced that the group "will include the banner of the Islamic State in all of its attacks, hacks, and achievements, in support of establishing the guided Islamic Caliphate all over the world." It called on "all Libyan electronic groups and all concerned individuals to take part in electronic resistance [activities] for the sake of Allah." The group then asked anyone who is interested in joining them "to defend Muslim women" to contact them.

Shortly after the announcement, the group claimed it had hacked a Libyan government site and shared a screencap of the hacked site, with a message in Arabic saying the group was responsible for the hacking, adding: "We pursue the unbelievers everywhere, at all times." 


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