Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Platform 'SadaqaCoins' Used On The 'Dark Web' To Fundraise For Jihad In Syria

September 4, 2018

SadaqaCoins is the name of a new cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform on the "dark web" created to raise funds to support the jihad in Syria. While the SadaqaCoin project is not the first jihadi site on the dark web fundraising in cryptocurrencies, it is the first to present such a sophisticated project for crowdfunding jihad. The SadaqaCoins site currently operates in English, German, and Turkish. Donors can contribute to the project using the Bitcoin, Monero or Ethereum cryptocurrencies., and can choose to donate funds to pay for the following items, each of which is listed with its own cryptocurrency accounts: A 4x4 pick up vehicle; a .50 caliber bolt action sniper rifle; a .50 caliber silencer; a Kestrel 4500NV (hand-held wind and weather tracker); a Nikon Camera; rifle optics; or ammunition.

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