Chechen Designated Terrorist Organization Kavkaz Center Continues To Recruit And Fundraise - Via English-Language Website

December 30, 2013

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The English-language page of the Kavkaz Center website, which is affiliated with Chechen jihadi elements and the Caucasus Emirate, is running a notice calling on its "volunteers." The notice links to a form on the website for applicants to fill in and submit. Also on the website is a "Donate Now!" button.

As reported in MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis No. 805, Jihadi News Agency 'Kavkaz Center,' Affiliated With the Designated Terrorist Organization 'Caucasus Emirate,' Tweets Jihad and Martyrdom, published February 24, 2012, the jihadi news agency Kavkaz Center, established in 1999, states on its website that it is an online Chechen news agency reporting on events in the Caucasus, Russia, and the Islamic world, in English, Arabic, Ukrainian, Russian, and Turkish. Banned in Russia, the website posts content encouraging and glorifying violent jihad in the Caucasus and elsewhere. Although it purports to be an independent news agency, Kavkaz Center is closely affiliated with the Caucasus Emirate (CE), a jihad organization operating in Russia's Caucasian republics, and has posted videos featuring messages from and interviews with its leaders. The website has also featured exclusive information on developments in the CE, which could only have been obtained through close ties with CE operatives. In May 2011, the CE was designated a Terrorist Organization by the U.S. State Department under Presidential Executive Order 13224; a year previously, its leader Dokku Umarov had been designated a wanted foreign terrorist.

Announcement and "donate" button., accessed December 5, 2013

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