Channel On Al-Qaeda-Operated Server Slams ISIS For Denying The Presence Of Recruiters On Social Media, Claims: ISIS Attempting To Distance Itself From Its 'Systematic Failure' In Securing Platforms, Groups

January 20, 2022

On January 10, 2022, a channel on the Al-Qaeda-operated Rocket.Chat server which usually publishes posts attacking the Islamic State (ISIS), posted a message refuting ISIS's "false claims" that its recruiters are not active on social media. The post accused ISIS of distancing itself from the "systematic failure in securing [ISIS's] platforms on the internet and in social media groups."

In the post, the channel began by criticizing ISIS's "false claims" that categorically deny the presence of ISIS recruiters on social media. The post noted that when ISIS members who are active on social media are arrested, they admit that ISIS recruiter facilitated their bay'ah (pledge of allegiance) to ISIS via social media.

Refuting ISIS's claims, the post said that it is known that the organization's Media Bureau has an "organic link with social media platforms" and that its media operatives maintain social media accounts under aliases, through which they coordinate their media activity and even receive news, photos, and videos from ISIS's near and far provinces. "Whoever claims something other than that is a liar," the post added.

The post further noted that hundreds of ISIS supporters, especially foreigners, joined the group through social media and coordinated their travel to ISIS-controlled territories via Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp. "Recruitment, coordination, and sponsorship are managed through social media sites. This is not a hidden secret," the post read.

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