Caliphate Cyber Army Leaks New Jersey And New York Police Officer Data On Telegram

March 7, 2016

On March 2, 2016, the pro-ISIS hacker group "Caliphate Cyber Army" posted a statement on its Telegram channel claiming to have obtained personnel data of 55 police officers from New Jersey and New York. The announcement included a link to the data, which contains the names, ranks, phone numbers, work addresses and working locations of the police officers.[1]


The link leads to an Arabic-language file-sharing website where users can download data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet:


Below is a screenshot of the Excel spreadsheet (personal info redacted by MEMRI): cjl3072 Endnote: [1] MEMRI is in possession of the complete list. Another post the same day contained a link to a video displaying similar information obtained from the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, which MEMRI possesses as well.  

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