British ISIS Fighter, Recruiter, Fundraiser Shares Experiences In Islamic State On Facebook

May 24, 2016

26-year-old British ISIS fighter Abu Zaid Britani is active on Facebook, and has repeatedly stated that individuals who would like to donate money to ISIS can do so through him. In one post he included his username on various encrypted applications, so that users can contact him securely. He does not reveal a lot of personal information about himself. He complains about the complacency of Muslims in the West, and provides periodic updates on the situation in Syria. Most recently, on May 19,2016, he announced on Facebook that immigration to Syria and Iraq was once again possible, and that he could assist any interested individuals.

Recruiting And Fundraising

On April 5, 2016, he announced to his Facebook friends that anyone who wishes to donate money to ISIS could do so through him: "Anyone who is willing to donate some many to a trusted person living in the [Islamic] state then you can contact me and bi'ithnillah if anyone has special distribution request I am at your service. please share and spread."


On April 29, 2016, he again posted about his fundraising efforts, stressing that he was available to discuss any questions related to donating money to ISIS via encrypted chat platforms. He wrote: "People can now add me on surespot and wikr. For questions and answer session as well facilitate jihad with your wealth in a secure way for those concerned about security."


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