Bank Al-Ansar - The 'Supporters Bank' - Supplies Jihadis With Ready-To-Use Facebook, Twitter Accounts

July 6, 2016

Bank Al-Ansar, "The Supporters Bank," is an entity on Twitter and Telegram that acts as a supply bank for new Twitter and Facebook accounts to Islamic State (ISIS) supporters. The entity provides anyone requesting a working account on those platforms with the login information to brand new accounts.

Bank Al-Ansar on Telegram

The entity's work is aimed at facilitating jihadis' acquisition of accounts on those platforms, which are frequently reported and shut down by the platform's companies. It further allows users to bypass the registration required to open new accounts, allowing jihadis to seamlessly hop from one account to another whenever their accounts are shut down. Most importantly, it places the burden of supplying personal information for registration, including name, email address, and date of birth, on Bank Al-Ansar rather than on the individual jihadis.

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