Anonymous Greece Hacks Turkish Parliament Website, Brings Down 150 Azerbaijani Government Websites In Support Of Armenia

October 14, 2020

On October 8,  2020, hacking group Anonymous Greece posted on Facebook that it had hacked the website of the Turkish Assembly Parliament.[1] The post provided a URL, username, and password, with instructions for accessing the hacked website, as well as an image of the page, which was hacked to display the message: "Turkish Assembly Pwned [i.e. 'owned'] by (Greek-Armenia); Armenia will win this war against evil Turkey and Azerbaijan; Killing innocent people and kids makes you terrorist."

On October 1, Anonymous Greece made two successive posts stating that it had brought down a total of over 150 websites belonging to the Azerbaijani government. The posts included images listing the sites, and a message saying the hack was carried out "as a little support to the Armenians."


[1], October 8, 2020.

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