Al-Aqsa TV - Designated By The U.S. Treasury Department For Belonging To Hamas, A U.S. Designated Foreign Terrorist And Specially Designated Global Terrorist - Is Active On Facebook, Including Live Streaming; Its Page Was Previously Shut Down

September 27, 2018

After its Facebook page was shut down by the platform earlier this year,[1] Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV created a new page on September 5, 2018. As of this writing, the page has over 300 videos and 924 "likes."

Hamas has been a U.S. State Department Designated Foreign Terrorist since 1997[2] and is also a U.S. Treasury Department Specially Designated Global Terrorist. Al-Aqsa TV was designated in 2010 for being financed and controlled by the organization.[3]


[1]MEMRI CJL Gaza Protest Against Facebook's Removal Of Palestinian Accounts: Facebook An Accomplice In Crimes Against The Palestinians; 'A Platform Like [The Facebook Page] Of Al-Aqsa TV Is Taken Down Nine Times In A Row Over A Completely Normal Post - It Might Be Just A Word, A Knife, Or Even Car Tires', March 13, 2018.


[3], March 18, 2010.

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