Kuwaiti researcher Muhanna Hamad Al-Muhanna repeated the antisemitic blood libel that Jews use human blood, preferably of Christian children, in the making of holiday pastries. He further said that the Jews would destroy the moral values and economy of any country they entered, that they monopolized the slave trade, and that Hitler had decided to get rid of the Jews because they were behind movements fighting the social order and behind pornography. Al-Muhanna warned that anyone who normalizes relations with them is "a Jew like them." Muhanna posted the video on his Youtube channel, which has over 13,000 subscribers, on February 26, 2019. The 47-minute long video was viewed close to 25,000 times.

To view the clip of Muhanna Hamad Al-Muhanna on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"One Of The Most Famous Religious Practices Of The Jews Is The Slaughter Of A Christian Child On A Certain Holiday"

Muhanna Hamad Al-Muhanna: "One of the most famous religious practices of the Jews is the slaughter of a Christian child on a certain holiday. They take his blood and make it into a pastry, which is eaten on that day. They call it 'sacred blood.' It must be an innocent child, who has not been contaminated by the world. When Muhammad Ali Pasha ruled Syria, there was the case of Father Thomas. This is one of the most famous incidents in history.

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Date Posted: April 17, 2019

Tunisian actor Walid Nahdi said in an April 4, 2019 broadcast on Radio Med (Tunisia) that he would not go to Israel if given an opportunity to do so, and that he cannot tolerate the Jews and their "distinct odor." He said that he also does not feel comfortable around and cannot stand homosexuals. Tunisian actress Manal Abdul Qawi, who was also on the show, rebuked Nahdi and defended Jews, saying that Tunisian Jews love Tunisia more than many non-Jews do. She also said that homosexuality is a private matter. Abdul Qawi added that she accepts all races and religions and that she values personal freedom. Yamina Thabet, the head of the Tunisian Association for Support of Minorities (see MEMRI TV clip no. 7063 Tunisian Minority Rights Activist Yamina Thabet Criticizes Tunisian Constitution, Education System for Ignoring Jews And Christians, Says Homosexuals Are Imprisoned, Tortured, February 15, 2019), has filed a legal complaint against Walid Nahdi following his comments. This excerpt was not posted by Radio Med to their social media accounts; rather, it was uploaded to the Internet by other Tunisian accounts.

To view the clip of Walid Nahdi on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"Ever Since I Was A Kid, I Have Not Been Able To Tolerate The Smell Of The Jews, They Have A Special, Distinct Odor"

Interviewer: "If you were to receive an offer to go to Israel..."

Walid Nahdi: "I wouldn't go.


"When we were kids, there were three Jewish families living with us in our building. Believe me, ever since I was a kid, I have not been able to tolerate the smell of the Jews. They have a special, distinct odor..."

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Date Posted: April 12, 2019

The following is a new report in a series from the MEMRI initiative researching online incitement against Jews, people of color, Muslims and the LGBTQ+ community. Government, media, and academia can request a full copy by writing to [email protected] with the title of this report in the subject line.

This series and initiative are part of the MEMRI Lantos Archives on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial, which aims to bring these issues to media, to present evidence so that legal countermeasures can be taken, and to inform policy makers in order to provide the informational infrastructure for policies, strategies and legislative initiatives to counter them. It is the largest collection of this content in the world.

Facebook user "S.L." (full name and details available from MEMRI) has posted and shared extensive antisemitic content,some of which suggests a possible threat to individuals. His posts present his covert surveillance and photographing of Orthodox Jews in the Monroe, New York area, his possession of an axe, and his desire to use it. The subject of most of his posts is his belief that Jewish doctors harvest and consume the blood and organs of non-Jews, under the guise of providing medical care.

An analysis of the language and content of a very active account on the GAB platform suggests that this account too belongs to S.L., under another name. This account has had over 6,000 posts since it was opened approximately eight months ago.

S.L. appears to be located in the U.S. His Facebook account has been suspended multiple times, and has been inactive or suspended since September 2018; the activity on the GAB account that appears to be his continues, as noted.

In July and August 2018, S.L. posted on Facebook a series of covertly taken photos of Orthodox Jews with antisemitic captions. Photo analysis suggests these were taken in and around a convenience store in Monroe, New York, an area near several Jewish communities.

Previously, S.L. posted a series of photos of a displayed axe, adding a caption referring to wiping blood off the blade. He shared a document naming prominent American Jews, including Sen. Bernie Sanders and then-Anti-Defamation League director Abe Foxman, accusing them of calling for genocide of the white race. He then commented on his own post, stating: "I wanna kill."

S.L. has also posted multiple original essays about Jewish conspiracies to harvest the blood and organs of non-Jews. One, titled "The Organ Harvesting Ritual," gave a lengthy description of the process used by Jews.

Below are some examples of S.L.'s antisemitic and threatening activity on Facebook, and from the GAB account that most likely also belongs to him.

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Date Posted: April 11, 2019

In his March 3, 2019 column in the leading London-based Saudi daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Saudi journalist and businessman Hussein Shobakshi condemned the deeply rooted hatred of Jews in Islamic culture, in which the term "Jew" is strongly derogatory. Shobakshi mused on why the Muslims do not differentiate between the Israeli Zionists and the Jews in general, even though Allah had instructed the Muslims to love and respect Jews and Christians, and even though the Prophet Muhammad himself had married a Jewess, made pacts with Jews, and maintained relations with them. He called on the Muslims to first achieve peace amongst themselves and with those around them, and to recognize that they have profound antisemitic hatred and racism, and that they are capable nevertheless of carrying out Allah's commandment and respect the Jews.

Hussein Shobakshi (Czechsaudi.cz/en)

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Date Posted: April 10, 2019

In his November 5, 2018 column in the Jordanian government daily Al-Rai, Ruman Haddad slammed the democratic system, calling it "criminal and inhuman" and stating that democratic countries were responsible for war crimes and the killing of innocents more than any others. Democracy, he added, was supposed to ensure that officials be held accountable for their actions, but the U.S., France and Britain have been involved in deadly wars in which they used unconventional weapons, including atomic bombs – yet none of their leaders were ever held accountable for this. Conversely, Nazi officers who survived World War II were tried for war crimes based on the "exaggerated" claims of the Jews.

Ruman Haddad (image: Al-Rai)

The following are translated excerpts from his column:

"I am not dazzled by democracy, despite what its advocates disseminate about it, and I am convinced that mankind today is in need of new systems of government, which address the great changes that have occurred in all aspects of life. My certainty about this is enhanced daily by the feebleness of the defenders of democracy, who [respond to] every crisis that exposes a flaw in democracy by placing the blame on people or on the implementation and never on the idea [of democracy itself]. Democracy, as it is presented in theory, is a regime that places authority in the hands of the citizens, to ensure a government that works for the benefit of the people. As part of this, citizens are granted the opportunity to choose who will rule over them, which provides everyone with freedom and equality. Some insist on claiming that a democratic regime enables to hold negligent officials to account, which means governability and accountability –  two necessary factors in the creation of a modern country."

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Date Posted: April 09, 2019

Logo of the International Union Of Muslim Scholars

On April 1, 2019, the International Union of Muslim Clerics (IUMS) proclaimed Friday, April 5, 2019 as "Day of Support for Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa and Gaza," and urged Muslim preachers worldwide to devote their sermon on that day to this topic. The IUMS also posted a sermon it advised the preachers to deliver on that date, which calls for armed jihad against Israel and includes antisemitic motifs. The following are excerpts from it.

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Date Posted: April 04, 2019

Ahlam Tamimi, a Hamas terrorist sentenced to 16 life sentences for her involvement in the 2001 Sbarro pizzeria suicide bombing in Jerusalem, was interviewed by Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) on March 28, 2019. Tamimi explained that her 2011 release from Israeli prison with her husband as part of the Shalit prisoner exchange was the beginning of a new life, but that her life is a bit shaken by the fact that she is still wanted by American authorities. Tamimi said that being in Jordan gives her strength because Jordan does not have an extradition agreement with the U.S. and has refused to extradite her. Tamimi said: "Why are we considered to be terrorists?... I am part of a resistance movement that strives for liberation."

The interview was posted to Al-Jazeera's website but did not air on its TV channel. Tamimi is currently wanted by the U.S. government for conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction against U.S. nationals abroad, and the FBI, which considers her to be armed and dangerous, has placed Tamimi on its list of most wanted terrorists and offers a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to her arrest or conviction. For more about Ahlam Tamimi, see MEMRI TV clips no. 3539 Released Hamas Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi On Palestinian Public's Delight At Suicide Bombings, July 12, 2012; no. 3157 Released Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi, Sentenced To 16 Life Terms In Prison, Takes Pride In The Number Of Casualties She Caused And Proclaims: I Would Do It Again Today, October 19, 2011; and no. 5951 Released Hamas Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi Recounts Her Role In Terror Attacks In Jerusalem In The Early 2000s (Archival), June 27-28, 2012.

To view the clip of Ahlam Tamimi on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"The American Authorities Are Demanding That I Be Arrested Again"

Ahlam Tamimi: "[My husband and I] were released in the October 2011 prisoner swap deal. Our release brought us great joy and was the beginning of a new life, after the Zionist entity had sentenced us for life in prison."

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Date Posted: April 02, 2019

Hassan Soleimani (Image: twitter.com/HS_Soleimani)

A tweet posted in March by Hassan Soleimani, the editor-in-chief of the Mashregh News website, which is close to Iran's Intelligence Ministry, said: "In anticipation of the day when the organs of all Israelis will be implanted in the bodies of people who need them throughout the world, and humanity will be saved... #Israelis'_dog's_life."

After the tweet, which has since been removed from the account, evoked angry responses and was apparently reported by users, Soleimani posted Twitter's response to the complaint as proof that his tweet did not violate the company's rules. Twitter's response said: "We have investigated the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter Rules or applicable law. Accordingly, we have not taken any action at this time."

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Date Posted: April 01, 2019

The "Love Aotearoa, Hate Racism (LAHR)" rally in Auckland, New Zealand that was attended by over a thousand protesters on March 23, 2019, was streamed live on the Facebook page of Apna TV (New Zealand). Socialist activist Joe Carolan, co-founder of LAHR, said that the war in Palestine has "come home" because six of the victims of the Christchurch shooting had been refugees from Palestine. Ahmed Bhamji, the Fijian chairman of Masjid Umar, the Auckland-area mosque at which New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wore a hijab and spoke the same day, said that the Mossad and Zionist businesses in New Zealand helped the Christchurch shooter stay in New Zealand and buy the guns he used in the massacre. A man in the crowd interjected: "That's the truth! Israel is behind this!" Masjid Umar is affiliated with the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, of which Bhamji has been a committee member. Bhamji was also a member of Fiji's parliament. Apna TV's Facebook page says that it is "New Zealand's first and only 24/7 free-to-air Indian TV channel on Channel 36."

To view the clip of the rally on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

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Date Posted: March 27, 2019

Syrian political analyst Taleb Ibrahim said, in a recent Al-Manar TV program, that now that the defeat of the militants in Syria and Iraq was a "done deal," it was the right moment for a war against the Israeli enemy, which, he said, managed ISIS, the Al-Nusra Front, and the Free Syrian Army. Calling Israeli PM Netanyahu a "pro-Haredi lunatic," Taleb Ibrahim, of the Institute for National Security Research in Syria, said that the people of occupied Palestine and the occupied Golan Heights would take up arms and "fight alongside their brothers in the axis of resistance" in the "final and decisive battle." The program aired on March 14, 2019.

To view the clip of Taleb Ibrahim on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"We Might Be Standing At The Gates Of The Great War That Will Lead Us To The Final Victory"

Taleb Ibrahim: "We are convinced that any war against the Israeli enemy will turn the tables and bring the roof down on the heads of those Bedouins who stood alongside the Israeli enemy in declarations, actions, and intentions. The war with which Netanyahu threatens us every so often is the best and most fitting option for us. As I have said on your channel before, we have defeated all the prime ministers of the Israeli enemy. We defeated Shamir, Begin, Olmert, and so on, and now it is Netanyahu's turn. We must defeat this pro-Haredi lunatic once and for all in the Middle East. Perhaps now the conflict will develop in very many directions, and such steps might prompt a military Syrian and Iranian response. Israeli might think that this is its opportunity to eliminate what is left of the axis of resistance, but there are many big surprises awaiting this enemy. Right now, we might be standing at the gates of the great war that will lead us to the final victory. Our victories over the militants in Syria and in Iraq are a done deal."

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Date Posted: March 22, 2019