Anatolia Youth Association [AGD] of the Milli Gorus Islamist movement organized another one of the frequent Palestine nights in Malatya. The pro-Hizbullah/Hamas activist Nureddin Sirin spoke about 'the treason, cruelty and rabid aggression of the Jews throughout history' and said that the biggest treachery of the Jews towards the Islamic umma had been the destruction of the Ottoman empire and added that 'as the Ottoman's children, as the descendents of Sultan Abdulhamid's, we [the Turks] would make them pay for all this'. He said that in more recent times than Abdulhamid's, only 5, 10, 15 years ago, the February 28 [1997] post modern coup that toppled Islamist Refah [Welfare] Party, the intervention that attacked Muslims and all Islamic values, and especially the Islamist Milli Gorus movement, that wicked, satanic plot was planned by Zionist gangs in Tel Aviv and in Washington. The orders to humiliate Muslims and all they deem holy were given in Washington. Even if the Jews had committed no murders, no massacres against the Palestinians in the last 60 years, we would still call to account these treacherous sons of Israel, these blood-sucking vampire Jews for what they did to the Ottomans, to Sultan Abdulhamid.

In his jihadist speech Sirin said, "Hey Zionists, the occupiers of Al Quds and Al Aqsa! We will not leave Al Quds in your occupation! You wicked Zionists that said, 'Muhammed is dead, and all his young girls are ours'! We will make you pay for those words! We will flood like the seas, rise like the oceans, burst like volcanoes, and we will come on you! We will wipe off your cancerous existence from the earth, from the bosom of Islamic lands! We will walk on you, and we shall liberate Al Quds! We will show you that we are the children of the Ottomans and the descendents of Abdulhamid with our resistance, with the bravery in our hearts, with the force of our wrists and sooner or later we will throw you into the garbage of history..."

Source: Islamist website, May 28, 2008

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