The youth branches in Ankara of the Islamist Saadet [Happiness] Party [SP] of former PM Erbakan, organized one of their many protests, in front of the Israeli Embassy. Yahya Incetahtaci, President of Saadet Party/Milli Gorus Youth Branches delivered the speech depicted in this video. This position was held by PM Tayyip Erdogan before he became mayor of Istanbul, in 1980s. Following are excerpts from Incetahtaci's speech: 

"Dear Friends, we the Ankara youth organizations of the Saadet Party and Milli Gorus [Islamist movement of former PM Erbakan] have gathered here to condemn Zionist Israel's inhumane actions that serve its ugly goals in Palestinian lands, as well as in the entire world geography.

In May 14, 1948, exactly 60 years ago, the imperialist Zionism occupied the land of our Palestinian brothers with all kinds of despicable fraud and treachery, and for 60 years it has shown every kind of cruelty, savagery in that sacred land, that holy geography where Al Quds and Al Aqsa are [Crowd repeatedly, 'Damn Israel!']. For 60 years these shady people are walking the streets of Palestine, widowing women and orphaning the children. Babies that have not yet been born are barbarically murdered. This picture that will put humanity in shame throughout history is not seen only in Palestine, but also in Kashmir, in Somalia, in Afghanistan, in Chechenia, in Iraq, in Lebanon and other places in the world - all for the sake of realizing the [Jews'] 5600-years-old nefarious plan. And how sad it is that despite this shameful, bloody  picture, the world's public opinion is keeping its disgusting silence for 60 years [Crowd repeatedly, 'Down with the murderers and their accomplices!'] [...]

Throughout history all evil forces that wanted to establish the rule of tears, blood and savagery have been eradicated. Like [prophet's war in] Bedir! In Bedir, the forefathers of today's despots [i.e. secular Turks], with their secular mentality, aimed to erase Islam from history. They wanted to put an end to Islam that waves the flag of justice. But the believers, burning with desire for shahadet [martyrdom] did not give in, and the mujahideen empowered with their faith charged forward and sent the evil Ebu Cehil who mocked our prophet, to hell. The prophet's army gave the same lessons in Hendek, Mute, Tabuk, and in Haibar - that the Zionists never forget and shake with fear every time they remember [Haibar was where all the Jews were massacred]. [Crowd repeats, 'Haibar, Haibar Ya Yahud' implying 'Death to the Jews'] Our forefathers that walked on the path of our prophet taught the same lessons [to infidels], in Al Quds with Salahaddin, [...] and in Istanbul with Fatih [Conqueror] Sultan Mehmet.

You will all see! In the very near future, with the permission of Allah, we will not meet in front of this Zionist embassy, but in front of the embassies of the completely liberated Palestine, Patani, Somalia, Chechenistan to celebrate! We will raise our hands to the skies and thank Allah, the god of the oppressed!

Dear members of the press! At this point I invite all those who love Palestine to stand hand in hand. We, the students of Necmettin Erbakan, who burns with love of  'liberated al Quds', and as the youth of his Milli Gorus movement,  declare from here to the entire world that the eradication of Israel is an absolute certainty! We give our hearts to our Palestinian brothers and our shoulders to the holy intifada. Elimination of the evil will be done with our hands. [Crowd repeatedly, 'Mujahid Erbakan...'] 

Source: Turkish Islamist websites,,, May 15, 2008

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