Chapter III
Presenting the 'Evidence'in the Case

In an attempt to substantiate their accusations against the Jews, the writers made the following arguments:

A) Jewish employees were warned not to come to work at the WTC on September 11

This claim, quickly accepted by the Arab media as incontrovertible fact, was the most salient "evidence" that the Jews were involved in the attacks. Syrian ambassador to Tehran Turky Muhammad Saqr said at a conference held at the Iranian Foreign Ministry: "Syria has documented proof of the Zionist regime's involvement in the September 11 terror attacks on the U.S.," and that "4,000 Jews employed at the WTC did not show up for work before the attack clearly attests to Zionist involvement in these attacks." [21] The conservative Iranian daily Kayhan also referred to this "fact": "It is known that 4,000 Jews worked at the WTC in New York and that these people did not come to work that day." [22]

Raed Salah wrote in Saut Al-Haqq Wa-Al-Hurriyya, "A suitable way was found to warn the 4,000 Jews who work every day at the Twin Towers to be absent from their work on September 11, 2001, and this is really what happened! Were 4,000 Jewish clerks absent [from their jobs] by chance, or was there another reason? At the same time, no such warning reached the 2,000 Muslims who worked every day in the Twin Towers, and therefore there were hundreds of Muslim victims." [23]The same numbers were also cited in an article by Syrian columnist Mu'taz Al-Khattib, who wrote in Al-Hayat that 4,000 Jews had been absent from the WTC building at the time of the incident. [24]

Dr. Gamal 'Ali Zahran, head of the political science faculty at Suez Canal University, Egypt, wrote in the Egyptian government daily Al-Ahram: "At the WTC, thousands of Jews worked in finance and the stock market, but none of them were there on the day of the incident. Out of 6,000 killed, of 65 nationalities from 60 countries, not one was a Jew!!" [25] Egypt's Sheikh Gamei'a told Al-Azhar University's unofficial web site, "On the news in the U.S. it was said that 4,000 Jews did not come to work at the WTC on the day of the incident...." [26]

Al-Manar gave further details: "The investigation of these attacks did not begin from the proper starting point; rather, it was swept away by public opinion, shaped by the American media which is controlled by the Jews.... Why did they inform the Jews that there was no further need for their services only three days before the attacks? Why did they announce huge losses in the technology sector, in which most of the employees are Jews, with offices in the trade building [WTC] - which made the Jews leave the place? Why did rumors spread among the Jews that the 'appointed time for the execution of the attack' was a day off work?" [27]

However, a report by the Hizbullah television network Al- Manar - which according to some sources started the rumor that Jews hadn't come to work at the WTC on September 11 - said that when it became known that there had been an attack on the WTC in New York, the international media, particularly the Israeli media, exploited the incident and began to mourn the 4,000 Israelis who had worked in the two towers.
Then there was no more mention of these Israelis, as it became clear that they hadn't even arrived for work that day. [28]

Columnist Hilmi Al-Asmar wrote in Al-Dustour: "...After fewer than two hours of the 'Red September panic,' announcements were launched like missiles from Israel - announcements that danced on the wounds of the victims, which included only two Israelis, although the Manhattan towers included a great many Jewish companies and institutions." [29]

B) The U.S. Authorities Arrested Jews 'Rejoicing' at the Catastrophe [30]

Sheikh Gamei'a claimed that the U.S. news sources reported that "police arrested a group of Jews rejoicing in the streets at the time of the incident...." and stated that the news item had been hushed up immediately after it was broadcast. [31]

Raed Salah discussed the matter in greater detail: "Is it true that the American administration arrested five Israelis with European citizenship on suspicion of involvement in the incident[?] They worked for a Jew in a moving company, with forged visas, and were severely tortured during their interrogation so that they would give details about the incident...." [32]

The Saudi Arabian government daily 'Ukkaz also addressed the issue in an editorial, writing "Six Israelis suspected of involvement in New York and Washington were arrested in the U.S., to be later released. This confirms our strong suspicions about the involvement of Israel's Mossad in the ugly crime." [33]

The Egyptian opposition weekly Al-'Usbu' published the news as a scoop, building it up somewhat and giving it the descriptive title, "True Perpetrators of the September 11 Attacks Arrested - Zionists with Maps of the WTC, the Pentagon, and the White House and Large Quantities of Anthrax." The article reported that "American security forces burst into the home of seven Israelis from Florida, arresting them and finding in their possession large quantities of anthrax microbes and some 15 maps of the WTC, eight maps of the Pentagon, and six maps of the White House.... Some of the maps were of airplane flight paths and destinations, while others showed wind speed and temperature....

"Two days after the arrest of the seven Israelis, the American authorities arrested, in Alaska, four more Israelis, and found in their possession photo enlargements of the atomic reactor in Florida and of the Alaskan oil pipeline. They were arrested by warrant of the American domestic security minister [sic], who reserved in revealing the essence of their connection with the Israelis arrested in Florida....

"As soon as the arrests of the Israelis became known to the security apparatuses, the investigative bodies were given instructions to maintain the utmost secrecy. The national security advisor asked that the charges not be revealed, even if it were to be proven that Israel was responsible for what had happened...." [34]

C) The Israeli Leaders Knew of the Attacks Ahead of Time

Syrian ambassador to Tehran Turky Muhammad Saqr viewed Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's unexpected postponement of his visit to the U.S. as "additional proof linking the Zionists with this tragedy." [35]

The Al-Manar television network also addressed the matter:
"Suspicions that Israel was involved [in the September 11 attacks] increased after the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth reported that the General Security Services stopped Prime Minister Ariel Sharon from going to New York, and particularly to the east coast of the city, to participate in a 'Support for Israel' conference held by Zionist organizations." [36]

Syrian columnist Mu'taz Al-Khatib gave another example in Al-Hayat: "Barak's presence in the BBC's head office minutes after the explosion, at a meeting set in advance, to speak for 30 minutes of the danger of terrorism and chastise the 'rogue states,' particularly the Arabs...." was, he said, further proof of Israel's involvement. [37]

D) Only the Jews/Israel had the Capability to Carry out the Attacks

Sheikh Gamei'a, who said that Jews, "are the only ones capable of planning such acts," explained his statements: "First of all, it was found that the automatic pilot was neutralized a few minutes before the flight, and the automatic pilot cannot be neutralized if you don't have command of the control tower. [38]

D) Only the Jews/Israel had the Capability to Carry out the Attacks

Second, the black boxes were found to contain no information; you cannot erase the information from these boxes if you do not plan it ahead of time on the plane. Third, America has the most powerful intelligence apparatuses, the FBI and the CIA ... How did [the perpetrators] manage to infiltrate America without their knowledge? Fourth, Jews control decisionmaking in the airports and in the sensitive centers in the White House and the Pentagon. Fifth, to date, America has presented no proof incriminating Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaida. If we take these things into account and look closely at the incident, we will find that only the Jews are capable of planning such an incident, because it was planned with great precision of which Osama bin Laden or any other Islamic organization or intelligence apparatus is incapable...." [39]

Orkhan Muhammad Ali wrote in Saut Al-Haqq Wa-Al-Hurriyya that the planes had not been hijacked - rather, they had been directed by remote control using a system developed by a Jewish-owned company: "Airplanes can be remotely controlled using a modern system called 'GPLS' [sic; evidently he was referring to the Global Positioning System (GPS)]. The U.S. invested some $3.2 billion in developing this system. Additionally, the Department of Defense collaborated with a group of companies [called] Raytheon that specialize in developing aerial missile defense and air traffic control systems. The air traffic control system can be activated remotely by satellite. The moment an airplane, civilian or military, enters the system's range, the operator can decode the signals and signs of the plane's flight system, completely controlling it and directing it towards whatever target he wishes. Also, all the plane's communications apparatus can be silenced. According to the unfolding of [events in] the attacks on New York and Washington, and according to the evidence ... the planes were not hijacked; they were remotely controlled and forced to fly towards the targets fed into [the system] by the planners. Therefore, the FBI will investigate the president of this group of companies, whose name is Daniel Burnham, and the head of the engineers responsible for the GPLS system whose name, Bruce Solomon, attests that he is Jewish." [40]

The Iranian daily Kayhan also addressed the question, stating: "The Zionists are the ones who caused the September 11 explosions; perhaps they carried out these operations by means of remote control of the plane." [41]

Al-Dustour columnist Hilmi Al-Asmar had a similar opinion, writing that, "Israel was the only one who could have broken into the American security apparatus. Since its past is rife with operations and crimes [that are] far from moral, it is willing to carry out the most monstrous crime in human history even if the victims would be Jews...." [42]

Some writers cited the Mossad's operational capability as proof of Israel's involvement in the attacks. Dr. Zahran of Suez Canal University wrote in Al-Ahram: "...The scope and nature of the attacks attest to planning and execution by an intelligence apparatus close to the CIA. No intelligence apparatus in the world is as close to the CIA as the Israeli Mossad...." [43]

An 'Ukkaz editorial read, "It is impossible to imagine executing an operation of such scope and precision without the planners and those involved having direct connections within the U.S., [and] full [command] of all the details and fine points of the WTC building and the Pentagon. When we examine this matter closely, we can go no farther in the search for the possible perpetrators than Israeli Mossad agents." [44]

Columnist Galal Al-Sayyed posed this question in the Egyptian government daily Al-Akhbar: "...Why couldn't it be the Mossad that secretly planned this crime without exposing itself? [Later,] the idea crept out to bin Laden and his aides via his collaborators [in the Mossad]. I wouldn't be exaggerating by saying that perhaps the Mossad sent bin Laden-trained men and pilots to carry out the operation, without its being discovered.... Flight experts have pointed out that it's impossible for amateurs trained for a number of hours, or months, to fly such planes and to do what was done." [45]

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