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Deterioration In Turkey-Egypt Relations Due To Turkish PM Erdogan's Opposition To Egyptian President Mursi's Ouster
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1045 - December 19, 2013 - By: L. Lavi*

Turkey Throws Iran a Safety Net
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 629 - August 3, 2010 - By: Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli*

Arab Positions on Turkey in Wake of Flotilla Clash: Support vs. Fears of Its Growing Regional Influence
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 616 - June 17, 2010 - By: R. Green*

Recent Attempts to Form Strategic Regional Bloc: Syria, Turkey and Iran
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 490 - January 6, 2009 - By: O. Winter *

Turkey's Parallel Policies – One for Peace, One Against
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 406 - November 23, 2007 - By: R. Krespin*

Turkey-U.S. Relations At a Critical Juncture
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 401 - November 6, 2007 - By: R. Krespin*

The Upcoming Elections in Turkey (2): The AKP's Political Power Base
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 375 - July 19, 2007 - By: R. Krespin*

The Upcoming Elections in Turkey (1): General Background
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 372 - July 13, 2007 - By: R. Krespin*

Tensions Rise in Turkey in Advance of Presidential Election
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 340 - April 6, 2007 - By: R. Krespin*


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Antisemitism Hits New High In Turkey: Threats Against Turkish Jews, Expressions Of Admiration For Hitler, Calls For Jews To Be Sent To Concentration Camps; Jews Should Pay A 'Special Tax'
Special Dispatch - No. 5889 - November 21, 2014

Turkish MPs Criticize Turkish President Erdogan's Pro-ISIS Policy
Special Dispatch - No. 5861 - October 20, 2014

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Compares Israel To Hitler, Says: They Will Drown In The Blood That They Shed
Special Dispatch - No. 5842 - September 16, 2014

Articles In Urdu Daily: 'Last Hiccups Of Secularism In Turkey'; 'The Onslaught Of Western Culture And Civilization … Has Changed The [Turkish] National Culture'
Special Dispatch - No. 5345 - June 30, 2013

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Al-Miqdad on Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV: Turkish Leaders Are Hypocrites And Liars
Special Dispatch - No. 4783 - June 11, 2012

Former Iranian Ambassador to Syria Mohammad Hassan Al-Akhtari: Saudi Arabia and Turkey Are Not Islamic States
Special Dispatch - No. 4511 - February 20, 2012

Prince Orhan Aal Othman, Grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II: Herzl Was the Cause of the Fall of the Ottoman Empire
Special Dispatch - No. 4406 - January 5, 2012

Iranian MP Ismail Kawthari Incites against Britain Prior to Embassy Attack and Threatens to Operate against Missile Shield in Turkey
Special Dispatch - No. 4338 - December 5, 2011

Turkish Columnist on PM Erdogan's Hypocrisy: Why Does He Continue To Insist That the PKK Is Terrorist But Hamas Are Freedom Fighters?
Special Dispatch - No. 4259 - November 8, 2011

Former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab Threatens Turkish PM Erdogan: If "That Watermelon Seller" Occupies Even a Meter of Syrian Land, 100,000 Missiles Will Fall on Turkey
Special Dispatch - No. 4204 - October 13, 2011


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