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Special Dispatches
From the MEMRI TV Archives: Current Egyptian Presidential Candidates In 2005, 2004 Support Al-Qaeda, Jihad in Iraq
Special Dispatch - No. 4698 - May 4, 2012

Al-Arabiya TV Report on 'Emo Killings' in Iraq
Special Dispatch - No. 4661 - April 17, 2012

ISI Spokesman: 'We Have Never Fought to [Liberate] the Land, But to Establish A Caliphate and To Instate Shar'ia; We Fight To Instate [The Religion of] Allah Worldwide'
Special Dispatch - No. 4549 - March 6, 2012

Former Iraqi PM Ibrahim Al-Ja'fari Responds to GOP Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich: America Has No History, The Arabs and Muslims are the Pioneers of Civilization
Special Dispatch - No. 4464 - January 31, 2012

Hizbullah Al-Manar TV Exclusive on U.S. Drone Captured by Iraqi Insurgents
Special Dispatch - No. 4448 - January 25, 2012

Iraqi Sunni Cleric Taha Al-Dulaimi: 'We Have Seen This Time and Again' that Iraqi Shi'ites Welcomed the Occupying Americans with Gifts and Celebrations
Special Dispatch - No. 4425 - January 17, 2012

Indian Islamist Magazine's Report on Iraq War and American 'Thirst for Human Blood': Obama is 'Currently the World's No.1 Violent Extremist, the World's No. 1 Killer of Children'
Special Dispatch - No. 4408 - January 6, 2012

President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barazani: The Kurds Will Not Be a Party to Civil War in Iraq, But When We Declare Our Independence 'We Will Be Willing to Pay Any Price'
Special Dispatch - No. 4380 - December 22, 2011

Iraqi Authorities Conduct Night Raid on Al-Qaeda Cell in Baghdad and Arrest Its Members
Special Dispatch - No. 4379 - December 22, 2011

Taliban Statement Calls for 'Heavy Compensation' for Iraqis, Urges Trial of U.S. Officials for Iraq War
Special Dispatch - No. 4376 - December 21, 2011

Iraqi Shiite Leader Muqtada Sadr Threatens to Fight the Americans if They Retain Even a Civilian Presence in Iraq after Their 'Pseudo-Withdrawal'
Special Dispatch - No. 4275 - November 11, 2011

Iraqi MP Maha Al-Douri: America Carried Out 9/11, Invaded Iraq, in Preparation for Its War against the Mahdi
Special Dispatch - No. 4222 - October 21, 2011

Liberal Iraqi Writer and Surgeon: Impediments to Democracy in the Arab World
Special Dispatch - No. 4084 - August 16, 2011

Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamaluddin Accuses Iran of Attempting to Assassinate Him
Special Dispatch - No. 4071 - August 11, 2011

Hizbullah MP, Retired Brig.-Gen. Walid Sakariya: Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Hizbullah will Wipe Out Israel, Even at the Cost of Hundreds of Thousands of Casualties, Following U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq
Special Dispatch - No. 4069 - August 10, 2011

Iraqi Shi'a Liberal Anti-Iran Cleric Sayyed Ayad Jamal Al-Din Survives Attack on Home
Special Dispatch - No. 4063 - August 8, 2011

Facebook 'Orange' – 75-Year-Old Illiterate Iraqi Woman Becomes Computer Savvy
Special Dispatch - No. 4057 - August 7, 2011

Iraqi Daily Alleges that Jewish Gangs in Diplomatic Cars and Carrying Iraqi Identity Cards Forcing Christians to Convert to Judaism or Leave Iraq
Special Dispatch - No. 4015 - July 20, 2011

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Eulogizes Osama Bin Laden and Threatens U.S.: 'Remember That In War, The Scales Tip on Both Sides... Expect to be Attacked'; Barack Obama is a 'Monkey' and U.S. Soldiers 'Wear Diapers, Like Babies and Women – Wet with Fear'
Special Dispatch - No. 4012 - July 20, 2011

TV Report on Attacks by the Hizbullah-Iraq Brigades Targeting U.S. Military Forces
Special Dispatch - No. 3964 - July 3, 2011

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