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Pakistani Urdu Daily: 'Iran's Interference In Iraq's Affairs, Under American Patronage, Has Become So Much That It appears As If Iraq Is Part Of Iran'
Special Dispatch - No. 6009 - March 29, 2015

Immediate Iranian Reaction To Sunni Arab Military Campaign To Push Back Shi'ite Expansion: Calls For Houthis To Attack Saudi Oil Wells And Tankers, Operate In Saudi Territory And Straits Of Bab Al-Mandeb And Hormuz
Special Dispatch - No. 6008 - March 26, 2015

Arab Gulf Media Supports Sunni Military Campaign To Push Back Shi'ite Iranian Expansion: Syria Scenario Will Not Recur
Special Dispatch - No. 6007 - March 26, 2015

Pakistani Daily: 'Modi [Going] In The Footprints Of Yehudi [Jew]'; 'In The Future, Both Of These Cow-Worshipers [Hindus And Zionists] Are Going To Be … More Dangerously Racist Than Hitler'; Muslims and Christians Should Jointly Oppose the Zionist-Hindu Alliance
Special Dispatch - No. 6006 - March 25, 2015

Lebanese MP: We Must Liberate Arab Countries From The Iranian Occupation
Special Dispatch - No. 6005 - March 25, 2015

Iran Escalates Naval Threats Against U.S. In Persian Gulf
Special Dispatch - No. 6004 - March 24, 2015

Arab Press Harshly Criticizes Obama Administration For Allying With Iran, Turning Its Back On Arab Friends, Leading Region To Disaster
Special Dispatch - No. 6003 - March 23, 2015

Urdu Daily On The White House Summit On Countering Violent Extremism: 'Like A Sweet Thug, Obama Tried To Give An Impression That Attributing Terrorism To Islam Is Wrong'
Special Dispatch - No. 6001 - March 20, 2015

Palestinian Intellectual Praises Israeli Democracy: Palestinians Must Learn From Israel And Israeli Arabs How To Handle Controversy, Work For Benefit Of The Public
Special Dispatch - No. 5998 - March 19, 2015

Jihadi Media Company Praises Tunisia Attack, Calls For More Attacks On Western Tourists
Special Dispatch - No. 5999 - March 18, 2015

Prominent Saudi Journalist Al-Rashed: By Speaking Of Negotiating With Assad, Kerry Has Opened The Gates Of Hell Upon His Country
Special Dispatch - No. 5997 - March 18, 2015

Iranian Leader Khamenei: A Society Steeped In The Spirit Of Martyrdom Is Unstoppable; Khamenei's Representative In IRGC Qods Force: We Shall Not Rest Until We Raise Flag Of Islam Over The White House
Special Dispatch - No. 5996 - March 17, 2015

Hamas Rejects Quartet Representative Blair's Demands: 'We Will Not Give Up Our Principles As Part Of Solving The Problems Of Gaza Residents'
Special Dispatch - No. 5995 - March 16, 2015

Canadian Imams In Anti-ISIS Fatwa: ISIS Was Created By Western Interests To Remove Syrian Government; Joining It Is A Mortal Sin
Special Dispatch - No. 5994 - March 12, 2015

ISIS Campaign Of Executing Homosexuals – By Stoning, Shooting, Throwing Off Roofs, Public Torture: In Accordance With Shari'a Law As Explained By Influential Mainstream Islamic Preachers, Scholars On Leading Arab Media Outlets, Including Al-Jazeera, Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV – WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES
Special Dispatch - No. 5993 - March 10, 2015

Leading Saudi Writer: America's Iran Policy Is Leading The Region To Disaster
Special Dispatch - No. 5992 - March 10, 2015

Advisor To Iranian President Rohani: Iran Is An Empire, Iraq Is Our Capital; We Will Defend All The Peoples Of The Region; Iranian Islam Is Pure Islam – Devoid Of Arabism, Racism, Nationalism
Special Dispatch - No. 5991 - March 9, 2015

Arab Woman Columnist Marks International Women's Day With Sarcastic Article
Special Dispatch - No. 5990 - March 9, 2015

Algerian Sheikh: We Have No Need for Women's Rights
Special Dispatch - No. 5989 - March 8, 2015

Article By MEMRI Scholar Tufail Ahmad: 'Muslim Liberals Vs. ISIS'
Special Dispatch - No. 5988 - March 8, 2015

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