Clash On Al Jazeera: Egyptian Writer: The Entire World Recognizes Holocaust 'Indisputable' Why Can't Arabs; Tunisian Scholar: Holocaust 'Imaginary' And Exaggerated To Make Germany And The West Pay And Charlie Hebdo Staged To Legitimize Attacks On Mosques
Following Release Of MEMRI Cyber Jihad Lab (CJL) Report On Jihadi Infestation Of Berlin-Based SoundCloud – The 'YouTube of Audio' – 75% Of Accounts In Report Shut Down
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
From Carnage To Culture: Understanding The Current Arab And Muslim World
AQAP Claims Responsibility For Paris Attack; Says Attack Was Planned By AQAP And Al-Zawahiri In Consultation With Anwar Al-Awlaki; Threatens More 'Tragedies And Terror'
In Video Filmed Before Paris Supermarket Attack, Perpetrator Amedy Coulibaly Pledges Allegiance To ISIS, Justifies His Actions
Al-Qaeda's 'Inspire' 13: Article And Poem On Boston Marathon Bombing
WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES: Indoctrination Of Children In The Islamic State Caliphate (ISIS)
Indian Urdu Daily Advocates Murdering Apostates After Extremist Hindu Groups Convert Muslims: 'The First Interpreter Of The Koran, Prophet Muhammad, Has Clearly Ordered The Killing Of A Person Becoming Apostate'
On Facebook, French IS Supporters And Fighters Urge Attacks In France And Europe
Editorial In Urdu Daily On Peshawar School Attack: 'It Has Been A Long-Standing Project Of The International Anti-Islam Forces To Have The People Of Pakistan And The Armed Forces Fight Against Each Other'
Days After MEMRI Highlights Leading English-Language Pro-ISIS Tweeter In Landmark Report, He Is Exposed As Indian Executive, Not Fighter In Syria/Iraq; Now At Large In India

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