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Critical Points To Consider In Understanding The Iranian Nuclear Deal: Part II
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1178 - July 30, 2015 - By: Y. Carmon, and A. Braunstein*

Critical Points To Consider In Understanding The Iranian Nuclear Deal
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1177 - July 24, 2015 - By: Y. Carmon, A. Braunstein, and A. Savyon*

U.S. Secretary Of State Kerry: 'We Have Absolute Knowledge' About 'Certain Military Activities' The Iranians 'Were Engaged In'; Iran Rejects Outright U.S. Terms For Future Inspection – For Example, Inspection Of Military Sites
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1171 - June 24, 2015 - By: A. Savyon and Y. Carmon*

Nuclear Negotiations At An Impasse: Leader Khamenei Rejects Agreement Reached On Token Inspection Of Military Sites And Questioning Of Scientists; U.S. Willing To Close IAEA Dossier On Iranian PMD, To Settle For Inspecting Declared Nuclear Sites Only, And To Rely On Intelligence; EU Objects
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1167 - June 11, 2015 - By: A. Savyon and Y. Carmon*

The Power Struggle In Iran – Part XVII: Rafsanjani Lays Claim To Iranian Leadership – Despite His Loss In 2015 Assembly Of Experts Election
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1164 - June 3, 2015 - By: Y. Mansharof, A. Savyon, and E. Kharrazi*

Iran Tightens Its Grip On Syria Using Syrian And Foreign Forces
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1157 - May 5, 2015 - By: N. Mozes*

As Saudi-Turkish-Qatari Relations Improve, Possibility Of 'Decisive Storm'-Type Operation In Syria Emerges
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1156 - May 1, 2015 - By: N. Mozes and E. Ezrahi*

Iran's Support For The Houthi Rebellion In Yemen: 'Without Iran There Would Be No War In Syria And Ansar Allah Would Have Never Emerged'
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1155 - April 21, 2015 - By: Y. Mansharof and E. Kharrazi*

Iranian Regime Continues Its Lies And Fabrications About Supreme Leader Khamenei's Nonexistent Fatwa Banning Nuclear Weapons
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1151 - April 6, 2015

Tehran vs The Awakening Sunni Arab Camp: Significance And Implications
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1150 - March 31, 2015 - By: A. Savyon and Y. Carmon*

Latest Special Dispatches
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Atomic Energy Organization Of Iran Chief Ali Akbar Salehi: We Have Reached An Understanding With The IAEA On The PMD, Now Political Backing Exists And The Results Will Be Very Positive
Special Dispatch - No. 6113 - July 22, 2015

Saudi Press: We Must Have A Military Nuclear Program Within A Decade
Special Dispatch - No. 6112 - July 22, 2015

Egyptian Columnist Compares Iranian Nuclear Agreement To Munich Agreement
Special Dispatch - No. 6111 - July 21, 2015

Former Jordanian Information Minister: The Arabs, Because Of Their Helplessness, Are Responsible For Iran's Expansion In The Region
Special Dispatch - No. 6110 - July 21, 2015

Assad Regime, Hizbullah: Iran Nuclear Agreement Is Historic Victory For Resistance Axis, Surrender For Americans, Defeat For Saudis
Special Dispatch - No. 6108 - July 16, 2015

In Gulf Press, Fear And Criticism Of Iran Nuclear Agreement: Obama Is Leaving The Middle East A Legacy Of Disaster
Special Dispatch - No. 6107 - July 15, 2015

Iranian President Rohani In Address To The Iranian Nation Following The Announcement Of The Iran-P5+1 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action: The Superpowers Have Recognized A Nuclear Iran
Special Dispatch - No. 6106 - July 15, 2015

Gulf Journalists: The West's Current Paralysis Vis-à-vis Iran Parallels Its Inability To Deal With Nazi Germany Prior To WWII
Special Dispatch - No. 6105 - July 14, 2015

Leaks From The Negotiation Room: Iran, Russia vs. U.S. In Verbal Clash Over Iran's Ballistic Missiles
Special Dispatch - No. 6100 - July 10, 2015

'Kayhan': The White House Will Be Destroyed In Under 10 Minutes If The U.S. Attacks Iran
Special Dispatch - No. 6099 - July 10, 2015

Latest Clips
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#5026 - Khamenei's Advisor Ali Akbar Velayati: Inspectors Will Not Be Allowed into Iranian Military Sites
Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) - July 31, 2015 - 00:04:23

#5024 - Egyptian Journalist Sabri Ghoneim Supports Iranian Nuclear Arms "in Order to Deter Israel"
LTC TV (Egypt) - July 26, 2015 - 00:01:40

#5021 - Shiite Lebanese Politician Criticizes Nuclear Deal: Iran Will Create "Franchises" in the Region
Future TV (Lebanon) - July 21, 2015 - 00:01:07

#5017 - Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Nasrallah: The U.S. Will Remain the Great Satan after Nuclear Deal
Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) - July 25, 2015 - 00:00:59

#5016 - MEMRI TV Highlights: July 17-23, 2015
Channel 1 (Iran), IRIB/ Jaam-E-Jam1 TV (Iran), IRINN TV (Iran), The Internet, Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia) - July 17-23, 2015 - 00:02:46

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