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Latest Inquiry & Analysis
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Fitna TV: The Shi'ite-Bashing Campaign On Salafi TV Channels And Social Media
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1206 - December 1, 2015 - By: Y. Feldner*

Egypt-Saudi Arabia Relations: Substantial Rifts Despite Shared Basic Interests
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1202 - November 11, 2015 - By: Y. Graff*

ISIS In Sinai Increases Military, Propaganda Pressure On Egypt
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1201 - November 8, 2015 - By: R. Green*

Egypt's Position On International Anti-ISIS Coalition: Reserved Support Alongside Refusal To Commit To Military Participation
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1125 - October 22, 2014 - By: L. Lavi*

Egypt's Position On Gaza Conflict Part II: Softening Its Tone Towards Hamas, Harsher Words Towards Israel
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1111 - August 12, 2014 - By: L. Lavi*

Egypt's Position On Gaza Conflict Reflects Conflict Between Its Hatred For Hamas And Its Solidarity With The Palestinians
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1106 - July 24, 2014 - By: L. Lavi*

Following Mass Death Sentence For Over 500 MB Members, A Public Debate In Egypt: Is The Sentence Brutal Suppression Of The MB – Or A Lifesaver For It?
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1087 - April 27, 2014 - By: L. Lavi*

Egyptian Intellectuals, Columnists Warn Against Al-Sisi Presidential Candidacy
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1079 - March 28, 2014 - By: Y. Graff*

Liberal Perspectives on the Arab Spring (1) – Egyptian Philosopher Mourad Wahba: Secularism as a Prerequisite for Democracy
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1070 - February 16, 2014 - By: Yotam Feldner*

Egyptians Deeply Divided Over Law Restricting Public Protests
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report - No. 1061 - January 28, 2014 - By: N. Shamni*

Latest Special Dispatches
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On Fifth Anniversary Of Egypt's Revolution, Fight Over Its Legacy Continues
Special Dispatch - No. 6275 - January 22, 2016

Egyptian Political Scientist Amr Hamzawy: Egypt Needs A Frank Discussion About The 'Displacement' Of Egyptian Jews In The 1950s and 1960s
Special Dispatch - No. 6248 - December 29, 2015

President Sisi, Egyptian Grand Mufti: Offering Christmas Greetings To Our Christian Brothers Is Part Of Our Religion
Special Dispatch - No. 6245 - December 24, 2015

Egyptian Columnists: Egypt Needs To Fight ISIS In Libya – Unilaterally If Necessary
Special Dispatch - No. 6239 - December 17, 2015

In Wake Of Russian Plane And Paris Attacks, Official Egyptian Media Decries Double Standards And Western 'Conspiracy': Egypt Not In Need Of Guardianship; Smiling U.K. Ambassador Acts Like A High Commissioner, But Soon He Will Be Crying
Special Dispatch - No. 6227 - November 23, 2015

Egyptian Journalists: Low Voter Turnout Is Verdict On Sisi, Sign Of Return To Mubarak Era
Special Dispatch - No. 6207 - November 4, 2015

Egyptian Journalist Ibrahim 'Issa: Stabbing Israeli Civilians 'Is Not Resistance, There Is No Nobility In It, And It Does Not Serve The Cause Of Liberation'
Special Dispatch - No. 6194 - October 22, 2015

Senior Egyptian Clerics: Stiffen Penalties For Sexual Harassment
Special Dispatch - No. 6136 - August 19, 2015

Articles In Egypt: Turkey, Qatar Fund Terror, Are Responsible For Bloodshed In Arab World
Special Dispatch - No. 6122 - August 3, 2015

Egyptian Writer 'Ali Salem: Israel Has No Intention Of Occupying Sinai; Cooperation Between Egyptian And Israeli Peoples Will Benefit The Region
Special Dispatch - No. 6115 - July 27, 2015

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