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February 1, 2013 Clip No. 3732

Egyptian Salafi Cleric Mahmoud Shaaban Calls to Kill Leaders of the National Salvation Front

Following are excerpts from statements made by Egyptian Salafi cleric Sheik Mahmoud Shaaban and by former Egyptian MP Alaa Amer, which were aired by Al-Hafez TV via the Internet on February 1, 2013.

Egyptian Salafi cleric Sheik Mahmoud Shaaban: The leadership of the National Salvation Front, which clearly aspires to the [presidential] throne, should be killed, according to Islamic law. Are you with me, Dr. ‘Atef? According to Islamic law, they should be killed.

This is according to a reliable hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. Since I expected that this would come as a surprise to everyone, including Dr. ‘Atef, I brought with me the Sahih Muslim collection of hadiths, with commentary by Al-Nawawi.

The National Salvation Front, which wants the presidency, and whose leadership is setting fire to Egypt, in an effort to gain the presidency, should be killed.


Former Egyptian Salafi MP Alaa Amer: With all my respect for Dr. Morsi – and I gladly accepted him as president, and I called to vote for him – I cannot say that Dr. Morsi is the Emir. I say this loud and clear. He is not an Emir whose legitimacy is conferred by Islamic law. He is [merely] the president of a republic, the president of the state. But he is not an Emir the defiance of whom sentences you to the Hellfire.


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