Article In Egyptian Magazine: 'The Jews Can Rejoice In Their Holidays Only If They Eat Matza Laced With The Blood Of Non-Jews'
Rafsanjani Assumes Leadership Role On Behalf Of The People; Khamenei Defends His Credentials as Ayatollah Khomeini's Successor
Former Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Director: We Hid Information From IAEA
Former Egyptian President Mubarak: The People Have Already Spoken On Al-Sisi; MB, Jews Striving To Take Over Sinai
Urdu Daily: Saudi Security Agencies Begin Recruitment Of Youth From Pakistani Jihadi Belt Of FATA; Qatar To Recruit Soldiers From Pakistan
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
'My Palestinian Shirt' Campaign To Raise Global Awareness Of Palestinian Issue
Mahmoud 'Abbas To Israelis And West: No Flood Of Refugees To Israel, Would Accept U.N. Designation Of Israel As 'Jewish State'; 'Abbas To Palestinians And Arabs: Refugees Have Personal Right Of Return, Rejection Of Israel As 'Jewish State'
U.S. Secretary Of State Kerry In New And Unprecedented Statement: 'President Obama And I Are Both Extremely Welcoming And Grateful For The Fact That [Iranian] Supreme Leader [Khamenei] Has Issued A [Nonexistent] Fatwa' Banning Nuclear Weapons
Arab and Muslim Hacking Groups Again Aim To Attack Israeli Cyberspace, In #OpIsraelBirthday, Set For April 7 – With Participation Of AnonGhost, Anonymous, Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), Qassam Cyber Fighters
Ahead Of Obama Visit To Riyadh, Gulf Press Voices Concern Regarding U.S. Policy In Region, Pessimism Regarding Visit Outcomes
Syrian 'Alawis Slam Assad Regime For Its Treatment Of 'Alawi Sect
Pan-Arabist Ideology In The New Tunisian Constitution

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